Help Needed

Here we list how you can help this project, there are tasks for every knowledge level.

Please visit Efene Community Issue Tracker for top level tasks that don’t fit in a specific project (or the project doesn’t exist yet). Visit each specific project issue tracker for issues specific to existing projects at

Wants to Play with Efene

  • Try efene report anything that confuses you or doesn’t work
    • This includes incomplete, confusing or hard to understand error messages
  • Explicitly test error detection and report errors that aren’t handled correclty
    • For example if they end up in an internal error or traceback
    • Incomplete, confusing or hard to understand error messages
  • Look for missing Erlang syntax support
    • Expressions that you can write in erlang but you can’t in efene
  • Write Rebar3 templates for common modules

No Erlang Knowledge Required

Erlang Knowledge Required

Improve rebar3 plugins

Improve the Pretty Printer

Efene pretty printer (fn_pp.erl) has some corner cases where indentation is broken, take it to go fmt level.

Erlang Compatibility Tests

Write tests that check that efene and erlang code that do the same thing actually do the same thing.

For example write the code twice generating output and diffing the output.

A more complex solution is to compare the generated ast ignoring line numbers.